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Underground Autosports strives to be Chicagoland’s premier service provider to the automotive enthusiasts. After all it takes one vehicle lover to know another one. We provide a one stop shop for best in class maintenance, products, custom fabrication, import car repair and an exceptional level of technical expertise. We take any extensive care to keep your prized steeds in prime condition.


HONESTY - Offering the highest level of honesty and integrity in the business, Trust is one of the cornerstones of how we do business and the services that we offer.

QUALITY - We pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality workmanship and personal service.

COMPETITIVE PRICES -We are THE cost-effective alternative to car dealership servicing for all scheduled maintenance of your personal or company auto, pickup or truck.

Our business is built on a strict code of ethics and an urge to provide the best care that will keep your rides smooth and your vehicles healthy for prolonged periods.

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Underground Autosports offers full detailing exclusively done by Lustr; recognized by Autoweek Magazine as one of the Top Nine in the US!  We understand that owning a car or truck is a significant investment, and as such, proper steps should be taken to preserve its value. We recognize that regular oil changes and scheduled service calls are important to ensure the reliable operation of your vehicles but we also make sure to pay attention to the maintenance of the car’s external surfaces and interior. 

We take detailing your vehicle very seriously. Our technicians have a great sense of pride in handling each vehicle like it’s their own. Our detailing shop is one of our most valuable resources; immaculate in design, there isn’t anything we miss!

When detailing your vehicle, a systematic and highly efficient process is used to restore your vehicle back to its original state. Sensitive to the myriad of different surfaces and materials of your vehicle, we take great care to rejuvenate your car using the finest products to protect and preserve, down to the smallest details.

Detailing is key to restoring your vehicle's interior and exterior to its best possible condition, from fine scratch removal and paint leveling to the treatment of all interior surfaces. A well-maintained vehicle says a lot about its driver.

Detailing offers protection that safeguards your vehicle from the harsh natural elements, which include paint oxidation, tire wear, break dust, insects and perhaps most importantly, maintains the vehicle's highest resale value.

This professional service is not a car wash. Detailing is a luxury service designed for those who want finer vehicle grooming.

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